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American Eagle Attorney Service, Inc. provides process serving throughout the state of California, as well as Nationwide. Our determined team has the tools, knowledge and experience to get the job done. We provide excellent customer service as well as reliable turnaround times that won’t be beat! Send your worries our way and let us take care of it.

Once service has been completed, a skilled member of our staff will prepare a Proof of Service or Declaration depending on the outcome of attempts. The signed document will be available as an original, as well as on our website via a secure login.

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Why use a Process Server?

What is a Process Server

A process server is a person that is certified and trained to deliver legal documents to individuals and companies, this is also known as serving defendants or parties. When a criminal or civil case goes to court, the attorneys will notify the parties involved by serving legal documents. A process server, after receiving the documents from the attorney, will then attempt to deliver these documents to the individual or entity.

Process Server Duties

After the case has been filed with the court, the parties involved (usually the attorney) will deliver a court copy of the case listing all of the parties to be notified to the server. The process server will attempt to deliver the documents to the individuals and related parties. The case determines the urgency in which to delivery. These cases could involve documents pertaining to citations, petitions, subpoenas to testify and/or produce documents, restraining orders or other types of legal actions.

Who can serve the papers?

You cannot serve the papers if you are part of the legal court case. Any person over the age of 18, who is not involved with the case, must serve the papers. The person serving the papers must fill out a “Proof of Service” which describes the documents they gave or sent to the other party or parties, and the date the documents were served. You must file the completed “Proof of Service” with the court.

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